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MAIN SEASON ~ August 18, 2015 - June 19, 2016

Prorated tuition is available depending on when your dancer begins.

We offer a 10% sibling discount when 2 or more children from the same family are enrolled and attending classes with us.


 $ 288 - One class/week (12 weeks).

 $ 495 -Two classes/week (12 weeks)

 $ 795-Three classes/week (12 weeks)

Please call for unlimited classes.For private lessons, please contact us at 310-300-4004 or send us an email to


-Students must be punctual and ready to attend class at the designated time.

-Students will arrive appropriately attired to dance, including having their hair   neatly tied up and away from their face; preferably in a ballerina bun.

-Students will listen and show respect for their teacher and    the other students in their class,maintaining a positive attitude.

-Only bottles of water are allowed in the dance studios.

-Neither parents nor siblings should interrupt any class in session.

-Please take  all loud conversations and video games (including those on cell  phones and devices without headphones) from our lobby to the area outside  of our studios.

-Children in our lobby must be supervised at all times and please step  outside for a moment if the child is crying.

-Strollers must be parked outside  the studio .

-NO FOOD is allowed in the studio nor in the waiting area.

-NO I Pads, phones are allowed without headphones.

-Please take you phone calls outside  the studio.

-We are not responsible for children who  leave the studio without adult  supervision.

By enrolling your child or children, you agree that you have read and accepted all of the following terms:

Parents are required to commit to paying in advance for a minimum of a twelve week session.

Make-up Classes 
The makeup class will only be permitted in the same 12 week cycle. Makeup classes will be at a different time and day and possibly with different teacher.

The studio reserves the right to combine small classes , change teacher without prior notice, cancel a class for a holiday. If this occurs, a make-up class will be scheduled at the earliest date and time possible.

There are absolutely no refunds on dance tuition. If your child misses a class for any reason ,including illness, you are responsible for contacting us to schedule make-up classes.  There will not be a refund of tuition previously paid or any credit against tuition outstanding at the time of absence.

Liability Release
I give my consent for my child to participate in the activities of Beverly Hills Ballerina Dance Academy.  I confirm that my child is in good health, and I understand that dance studio activities include movement and equipment that can create risk and the possibility of accidental injury. I hereby absolve Beverly Hills Ballerina Dance Academy, its' agents and all staff from any and all liability due to an accident, injury, illness, or damages that may be incurred by my child in the activities and on the premises of Beverly Hills Ballerina Dance Academy.

Students cannot take lessons from Beverly Hills Ballerina teachers outside of our school without our prior knowledge and consent.


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